Take Me Out to a Ball Game: Attending a Sussex County Miners Game

Take Me Out to a Ball Game: Attending a Sussex County Miners Game

America’s past time has personally kept our family busy all spring and summer. On a brisk summer Saturday last weekend, instead of playing baseball, we sat as spectators at a Sussex Miners game at Skylands Stadium in Augusta, NJ.

Just 30 minutes away from Denville in nearby Sussex County, attending the Miners Game was everything we enjoy about baseball and more.

The Miners, part of the Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball, play from May to September and call Skylands Stadium Sports Complex home. The smaller scaled venue and newer presence of the Miners allows for an intimate game experience, as opposed to the more bigger MLB venues with thousands of people. The Miners boasted a talented lineup and were matched up with the Montclair Jackals on the night that we watched. Consistent hits and routine plays kept my baseball-loving family entertained.

I found that the Miners game had a cozy, hometown feel that radiated the best parts of Americana—baseball, family, patriotism, community and fun. Most of the sponsors are local businesses, and most of the attendees are residents from surrounding towns and counties. While the Miners were definitely the highlight, it was awesome that there were other activities for the family to enjoy. At times, during the 2.5-3 hour game, my 5 year old was restless and wanted to walk around and explore. He enjoyed jumping around on the dumptruck bouncy house and grabbing a bite to eat. When we weren’t in the bouncy house, we were hunting down selfies with Herbie the Miner!

Speaking of food, there were plenty of options for ballpark fare; hot dogs, popcorn, burgers and fries were mainstays on the menus. Unfortunately, I found myself waiting in line longer than I had hoped. There were several windows open with ample workers, but the demand was high on the night we were there. Nevertheless, the affordable prices were welcomed! I was able to feed the family for under $20 and had money leftover for beer. Several of the beer vendors were out of the beers that we liked, but thankfully, there were many more flavors to choose from.

After the exciting win for the Miners, we enjoyed fireworks night from our seat. It was a vibrant display that kept us engaged for 20-30 minutes. From our seats, the fireworks were up close and beautiful, and understandably loud. So, if you have a sensory or sound sensitive kid like I do, be sure to bring some ear protection.

Affordable Night Out

Great baseball, affordable food, entertainment and awesome company with friends: we couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a fun Saturday. Watching the Sussex Miners is a fantastic way to support local baseball while enjoying an affordable family night out. Our tickets behind home plate was $12/person, making it under $50 for our family of four.

The Miners play until September, with several more fireworks nights or promotional nights coming up. If you’re looking for a fun night out with the family, look into tickets for the Sussex County Miners at Skylands Stadium.


Sussex Miners at Skylands Stadium
94 Championship Place
Augusta, NJ 07822