Review: MedExpress in Cedar Knolls, NJ

Review: MedExpress in Cedar Knolls, NJ

Last week, we were faced with health concerns for one of my kids when the pediatrician wasn’t available, and the ER didn’t seem warranted (at the time,) so visiting an urgent care clinic was imminent. For my son’s lingering issue, I wanted to see a doctor, so I consulted our insurance and decided that we’d head to MedExpress in Cedar Knolls, NJ.

As a parent of a young child with unique medical needs, it seems as though we are constantly in and out of medical facilities in this area. From ERs to specialists to urgent care, we have seen it all in our area. This visit was for the other kid, whose needs were different, but required swift attention. People seem to tap their networks for personal opinions on doctors, dentists and health care facilities. And since MedExpress is newer to the area, I thought I’d share our experience here.

MedExpress, located at 118 E. Hanover Avenue in Cedar Knolls, is in the newer shopping center in a stand alone building, adjacent to QuikCheck and HomeGoods.

When we first approached the building, you could tell that it was newly-built. The interior was just as inviting and clean as the exterior with modern decor and ample seating.

IMG 1680

The attendant at the front desk was warm and cordial, something surprisingly rare in all of our visits to various medical specialists. When you or your loved ones are sick, being greeted by a friendly, yet professional receptionist can set the tone for the visit. After locating the closest restroom for my son, I handed over my license and insurance information to the receptionist
and filled out the required paperwork for our visit. Within 5-10 minutes, my paperwork was completed and processed.

IMG 1679

It wasn’t busy the day that we visited; there were probably 2 people ahead of us. Nevertheless, the promptness, level of professionalism and attentiveness at MedExpress were appreciated.

Once my son was in the system, a triage nurse called him, where she took his temperature and other vitals. The nurse was kind and compassionate and spoke directly to my son, which doesn’t happen often in our experience with pediatric specialists, especially in an emergency/urgent setting. Understandably, doctors and nurses typically address the parents first to obtain pertinent information.

After about 10 minutes of waiting in one of the rooms, my son’s discomfort quickly shifted when the doctor entered the room. She was equally warm and attentive, and mentioned that she had kids, commiserating with our current situation. The exam was thorough and precise. She advised us on our next steps and in this case, it was to head to the ER to get further testing to rule out other ailments that couldn’t be done in their office. I appreciated her candor and concern, both attributes that calmed the excitement of an unexpected day of testing.

Based on our thorough, yet prompt visit that was complemented with compassion at a time of need, we will be visiting MedExpress in Cedar Knolls when we need to see a doctor and our physicians aren’t available. MedExpress gained new, albeit reluctant patients.

When Urgent Care Clinics Come to the Rescue

The best thing about urgent care facilities is that they’re available when your regular doctors are not. It never fails, someone in our house gets really sick on Sundays when everything else is closed! I appreciate that they’re open every day 8am-8pm, and appointments aren’t necessary.  With flu season upon us, if you find yourself needing an urgent care clinic that has prompt, professional and kind medical professionals, check out MedExpress.

According to their site, MedExpress treats illnesses and injuries such as allergies, ear infections, cold & flu, Labs, TB Testing, IVs, EKGs, respiratory illness, skin ailments, strep throat, ticks & lyme disease, UTI, bites, stings, broken bones, burns, sprains & strains, x-rays, wellness physicals, flu shots and more. MedExpress accepts most insurance, as well as discounts for those who pay in full for their visit at time of service.

And as a head’s up, it looks like MedExpress will be opening up a location even closer in Rockaway. We’ll share more information as we receive it.

118 E. Hanover Avenue
Cedar Knolls
8am-8pm every day