Review: Il Torrente Pizzeria in Denville

Review: Il Torrente Pizzeria in Denville

Il Torrente pizzeria at 101 Bloomfield in Denville is a quaint locale that offers flavorful pizzas and an extensive menu with various Italian staples. My family stopped in to Il Torrente last week for a quick bite after a busy day of sports. After many recommendations and positive praise, Il Torrente didn’t disappoint.

On the night we visited, we were the only table in the small dining room. Though the phones were ringing steadily for pick up and take out orders, we had the dining room to ourselves.

It’s safe to say that Denville has no shortage of pizzerias and Italian restaurants. What I love about these establishments is that each one has its own forte and specialty.

Upon first glance, the menu had a lot of the same Italian and pizzeria-type dishes that we know and love: pasta, calzones, calamari, pizzas etc. We decided on having pizza, but as always, deciding which flavor was the challenge. I noticed something that not a lot of places in our area offer: deep dish pizza. Intrigued by the deep dish, we decided to order the Chicken Parm Deep Dish pizza. But since one of my kids requested a pepperoni pie, we asked if we could do it half and half.

IMG 2398

After about a 20 minute wait, our deep dish pizza came to our table. Since the tables are small, the pizza was served alongside on a tray stand. The pizza had ample cheese and chicken, but instead of the half pepperoni that we requested, the pizza had pepperoni sprinkled throughout on top of the Chicken Parm. Assuming we didn’t explain it properly, we shrugged it off and dove in!

As a fan of a good deep dish pizza, I was extremely impressed with the taste. The crust was golden brown and had just enough crunch to balance all the flavors of the cheese, sauce, chicken and other toppings. Since deep dish pizza is a totally different experience, we found ourselves cutting and slicing the pieces, as opposed to the regular grab and fold that we’ve grown accustomed.

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It stayed quiet for a good 15 minutes as we devoured our delicious pizza. We each had plenty of food, and got pretty full with the delicious crust of this type of pizza. Our picky kid ventured outside of his comfort zone and loved the chicken pieces of the chicken parm. The deep dish chicken parm pizza was a success for us!

Service was efficient, and at first, I thought it not as personable, but that sentiment was redeemed by the au gratis cannolis that our server surprised us with at the end of the meal. Understandably, the business definitely focused on the takeout orders as opposed to the few tables that trickled into the dining room. We received everything we needed in a timely fashion, so we were happy! With two drinks and a deep dish pizza, our family paid a little over $25, so it was reasonably priced. We brought our own wine, which is always helpful for cutting down costs. The other dishes on the menu were comparably priced, so Il Torrente is a great option for affordable sit-down dining.

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Since we are regulars at a different pizzeria, we went to Il Torrente with a bit of trepidation; we’re creatures of habit afterall. We enjoyed the deep dish pizza and can’t wait to try other options! Il Torrente was a welcome change, and one that we’ll gladly revisit when time allows!

Il Torrente
101 Bloomfield Ave.
Denville, NJ 07834