Project Playground 2.0 Pal Around Denville Art Installation

Project Playground 2.0 Pal Around Denville Art Installation

As part of the Project Playground 2.0 initiative, the Party in the Playground for the Pal Around Denville public art installation took place at Gardner Field on June 3rd. At the Party in the Playground, members of the community, business owners and supporters of the fundraiser were invited to install their painted and decorated Pals and dots along the gates of the Gardner Field Playground.

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The art embodies the creative efforts from the community and children for whom the fundraiser is inspired. All the proceeds raised from the Pal Around Denville public art installation go towards Project Playground 2.0, the fundraising effort to raise money to renovate the beloved, but aging playground in town.

Vicki Harrison, Project Playground 2.0 committee member and WDIT creative director, was the chairperson behind this artistic and imaginative fundraiser. Several Project Playground 2.0 committee members assisted with hanging Pals and coordinating last week’s event.

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As someone who spends a lot of time in Gardner Field for baseball practice, games and running around the park with my preschooler, the vibrant artwork lining the perimeter of the playground is an inspiring addition to an otherwise monochromatic landscape. The artwork submitted by friends and peers, amateur and professional artists alike, creates a thoughtful backdrop for the playground that provokes hours of open-ended play and incredible purpose.

The art installation will be up throughout the month of June, so be sure to check it out while it lasts.

Here are just a few of the many Pals and Dots that we loved:

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IMG 4148

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IMG 4155



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