Joey Bella Memorial Fund Band, Beer and Beefsteak Fundraiser Set for July 3

Joey Bella Memorial Fund Band, Beer and Beefsteak Fundraiser Set for July 3

With the Independence Day holiday around the corner, that also means it’s almost time for the Joey Bella Memorial Fund Tricky Tray and Band, Beer and Beefsteak Fundraiser. Scheduled for July 2 and 3, these fundraising events are traditionally held beneath the white tent at Gardner Field.

The Joey Bella Memorial Fund is a non-profit 501c3 private, non-denominational organization that assists children and families in catastrophic illness situations. When a family is faced with a serious illness, they reach out to the fund after they’ve exhausted all of their resources, and the Fund then supports all of their medical bills to help the family get out of crisis.

Since establishing the Joey Bella Memorial Fund over 20 years ago, the organization has helped over 50 families with mounting medical bills, navigating through state and federal programs and with emotional support as they face adversity.

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This year’s event will feature a myriad of craft beers, a beefsteak dinner and headlined by NJ’s favorite cover band, The Nerds.

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As a parent with a sometimes-sick little boy, I know firsthand how hospital, specialists and therapy bills can be overwhelming. So knowing that organizations such as the Joey Bella Memorial Fund are there to help families so they can focus on caring for their kids. The Joey Bella Memorial Fund’s Band, Beer and Beefsteak fundraiser is an annual tradition for my friends and me. It’s the one time of year we try to let loose, have fun and contribute to a worthy cause. In fact, our table is the reigning bread tower winner. I think we’re plotting to hold on to that title once again.


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The winning bread tower from 2016

The Joey Bella Memorial Fund Beer, Band and Beefsteak Fundraiser has sold more than 600 tickets so far, but unfortunately cut off online sales for now. According to the organizers, ticket sales may reopen later in the week, and they will have 50 tickets available the day of the event, on a first come first serve basis. We’ll update with a link when tickets go on sale again.