Denville Mayor Issues the 2018 State of the Municipality Report

Denville Mayor Issues the 2018 State of the Municipality Report

With the new year arrived in Denville, Mayor Tom Andes has issued his “2018 State of the Municipality Mayor’s Report.” It’s packed full with all the tasks and objectives of the office throughout the last year and beyond and includes the status of those projects, including:

  • future flood mitigation
  • downtown streetscape project
  • downtown Business Improvement District
  • road paving in the township
  • path and trail system throughout Denville
  • two new playgrounds in 2018
  • affordable housing obligation
  • budget
  • and more

Though a lengthy document, it’s worth reading if only to see all the things our elected local government has been doing! Here are some excerpts of some things to look forward to this year:

  • “The US Army Corps of Engineers agreed to fund an in-depth, comprehensive $1,259,950 flood mitigation feasibility study for the Township of Denville. The Army Corp has been proceeding forward with the study and should advise us of plans in early Spring, with a public review including input on their finding this fall. The goal is to finalize the project in early 2019.”
  • “We are delighted to report the Township received a $615,000 Federal Government grant for Phase III of the downtown streetscape improvements, which will encompass First Avenue and the First Avenue parking lot. The project which will be identical to the improvements on Broadway will be for new curbs, a four foot wide brick utility strip and period lighting. This will hopefully be performed in late-2018. New trees were already planted in the new pattern and upgrades will be made to the parking lot.”
  • “A viable plan was developed to reconfigure some underutilized space in the Construction Department with the ultimate goal of saving the taxpayers of our community money by eliminating the Board of Education’s need to pay rent. This is a win/win situation for all concerned, including the Township and the Board of Education, but most importantly the citizens who pay the taxes to both Denville entities. Construction on the renovations began today and the BOE should be moved into their permanent home by mid-2018.”
  • “Each of the last two years the Town Council allocated over $720,000 in the Budget to pave the roads. This is nearly 50% more than appropriated for paving in an average year. We plan to submit for the Township Council’s consideration a similar level of paving for 2018.”
  • “The PAL Project Playground 2.0 Committee is planning to replace the 20 year old playground at Gardner Field. As of January 1st, they’ve raised over $155,000 of their $250,000 goal. The construction will take place the weekend of Sept 22nd and 23rd and it will be the place to be in Denville that weekend.”

A full two pages is dedicated to discussing the township’s affordable housing obligation as well as details about the budget. It’s definitely worth a read! Find the full report here.