Cheap Maggie’s is a Treasure Trove in Morris Plains

Cheap Maggie’s is a Treasure Trove in Morris Plains

Intrigued by the bright yellow sign on Route 10 and a recent suggestion on Facebook, I recently stopped into Cheap Maggie’s in Morris Plains. After an impromptu stroll around this treasure trove of discount finds, I’m officially hooked on this new store.

When I pulled into this shopping center on the Morris Plains and Denville border, I immediately recognized the name Cheap Maggie’s. Having spent almost 10 years in Hoboken, I realized that Cheap Maggie’s is affiliated with the same discount store that I remember so fondly from Washington Street in Hoboken. The new Cheap Maggie’s is located at 2960 RT. 10, right next to Planet Fitness.

The store is a hodge podge of off-price merchandise, including many brands that are hard to believe. Unlike the larger off-price retailers, I found Cheap Maggie’s to be cramped and somewhat hard to navigate. I wasn’t sure which section was which, nor how to find what I wanted.

Cheap Maggie’s was filled wall-to-wall with brands that I love to buy and some that I love, but don’t buy because they’re way overpriced (which is why I LOVE off-price retailers!)

For men’s clothing, I spotted a rack of Lands’ End oxfords, Under Armour, Puma, Junk Food tees and more. For women’s clothing, I spotted, Michael Kors coats, brands sold in Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters and American Eagle.

The entire back wall was filled with shoes from so many famous makers that my mind was blown: New Balance, Doc Martens, Urban Outfitters, Polo and so much more.




In the small home department, I saw many Urban Outfitter and Anthropologie staples, including decorative hooks, curtain panels, kitchen supplies and more.


Though I wasn’t impressed with the children’s clothes or offerings, the finds in other departments made up for it. I loved that there were so many novelty books, toys and vinyl records! There were so many strange and obscure finds, but you had to dig for the best stuff.

If you’re familiar with the pricing from Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, then you know that so much of their merchandise is beautifully curated, yet often overpriced. What I loved about Cheap Maggie’s is that this same merchandise found at those novelty retailers is a fraction of the cost. I’d say some of the items were 50% to 75% cheaper at Cheap Maggie’s, and in some cases, even more. And because Cheap Maggie’s is an off-price retailer, many of the items have marks through the tag or are out of season.

Cheap Maggie’s offers many incentives throughout the store; I spotted several buy 2 and get a discount. They also offer a loyalty card that is point-based. And even though they’re new to the area, Cheap Maggie’s is featured on Lakeview School’s discount card fundraiser with a 10% off your entire purchase. I believe this card will be sold in town, but I can confirm soon!


There was so much merchandise, I honestly didn’t know where to look first. Even though it felt like a maze at times, as someone who loves the thrill of the hunt, I enjoyed hunting for bargains throughout the store. If you’re looking for order and a minimalisitc shopping experience, Cheap Maggie’s is not your bag.

If you love to treasure hunt and unearth cool finds, this is right up your alley. I must have spent an hour and a half wandering around Cheap Maggie’s. I could’ve bought so much, but narrowed it down to just a few items. Cheap Maggie’s will definitely be on my Christmas shopping list—in fact, it’s earned a spot on my bargain shopping rotation!

Cheap Maggie’s
2960 RT 10
Morris Plains, NJ 07950