Career Day at Lakeview Elementary in Denville

Career Day at Lakeview Elementary in Denville

Today I had the honor of visiting Lakeview Elementary as part of career day for Mrs. Cusack’s second grade class. I was told about some wonderful visits from other parents, and had a great time showing them how to create a post on WDIT! They all helped me create this one—here are some of the things the kids had to say:

Career Day at Lakeview Elementary, What's Down in Town —Denville, NJ

Showing off some of the swag I’ve designed!

“Lakeview is the best school ever!”

“I love your job the best because now we get to be on a website!” (I think the fact that I showed up in my PJs to illustrate that I work on my couch helped, too)

“This is where kids love to learn!”

“I like making jewelry with Neil’s mom the best because I like working with all the beads!”

“I liked when Steven’s mom taught us about Once Upon a Child.”

“Brennivin’s dad put on all his fireman’s gear (except he didn’t have the air tank).”

“I like that Kayla’s mom came in and brought in all her nurse stuff and we listened with a stethoscope to our hearts.”

“We met a mechanical engineer and he builds stuff for Picatinny.”

“He also took apart Ava’s sister’s Kindle Fire and we got to see all the parts of it.”

and, my favorite, “#mrsharrisonhasthebestjobever”