Browsing for Books at Saint Clare’s Book Barn in Denville

Browsing for Books at Saint Clare’s Book Barn in Denville

Have you ever stopped into Saint Clare’s Book Barn on Pocono Rd. in Denville? In case you haven’t, it’s a mecca for pre-owned books and other treasures.

There are a few places in town where I could browse for endless hours and get lost by choice. Saint Clare’s Book Barn is a wonderful place to visit and explore. At a time when reality can be downright daunting, embracing your imagination and embarking on a virtual adventure beats the real world any day.

The other week, I was tapped to be a mystery reader for my Kindergartener’s class, I headed to the Book Barn to handpick the perfect books. Since the kids are starting to read, many are familiar with classics and the mainstream picks. I was on the hunt for something different, yet engaging for a bunch of 5 year olds. The Book Barn was the most perfect place for this quest!

There’s a generous collection of children’s books tucked away. In contrast to the rest of the Barn, this section is bright and airy, and has wooden bookshelf filled with books for kids ranging from babies to Young Adult books. There’s something in practically every genre and age group. Since my hunt had me focused on cool, yet quirky books for Kindergarteners, I pored through colorful board books but settled on books with more fluid stories.

As a book lover, I loved that so many of these books were well loved. I could tell that many kids and families read these books over and over. And if they’re anything like my boys, they probably fell asleep with the books night over night. In this digital age, there’s nothing quite like enveloping your whole self into a physical book! And that’s the exact feel I get every time I visit the Book Barn.

Aside from the many, many children’s books, there are aisles and aisles of books for every reader.  From vintage books to current books on the Best Seller’s List, the books are plentiful at the Book Barn. Whether you’re searching for a unique cook book or a book on a travel destination or even the latest romance novel, the Book Barn probably has it. Like any thrift or consignment store, the caveat (or advantage) is that you may have to dig through the inventory. I personally love digging for treasures, so I love that you don’t know what’s there when you go. It’s half the fun!

The prices at the Book Barn are beyond reasonable. The prices vary, but I paid less than $5 for the 3 kids’ books and one novel for myself that I bought. Beyond books, there are some stationary-type items such as flash cards, as well as games, puzzles, cds and dvds. Something that I was surprised to see were kids’ costumes. Kids love costumes as much as they love their books, so this made total sense! So, in case you’re still looking for a costume, check out the Barn because they have a few costumes in the back by the kids’ books.

Saint Clare’s Book Barn is run by volunteers and has limited hours. Because the Book Barn benefits Saint Clare’s, they accept donations during business hours. Be sure to check out The Book Barn and grab some books or other fun treasures.

Saint Clare’s Book Barn
18 Pocono Rd
Denville, NJ 07834
Wednesday and Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm