Aldi Rockaway Renovation is Complete; Grand Re-Opening Set for August 17

Aldi Rockaway Renovation is Complete; Grand Re-Opening Set for August 17

It’s been a long summer sans Aldi and having their delicious snacks within reach. After several weeks of anticipation, Aldi opened their doors on August 10th for a “soft opening.” According to store management, Aldi Rockaway will officially celebrate their newly renovated store with a Grand Re-Opening on August 17.

In need of milk, cereal and a few other inexpensive essentials, we took a trip to our go-to grocery store. Admittedly, I missed our quarter-for-a-cart routine and my stash of delicious granola bars, so the soft opening couldn’t come soon enough.

Having visited a new store in Va., The renovation looks exactly how we expected. Wider aisles, a little more space, modern decor with cleaner aesthetics and signage, Aldi is just as gorgeous as we were hoping.

I personally love the open refrigerator cases for the lettuce, salad and produce at the top left area of the store where the dairy case used to be. My kids loved the new snacks and the way the housewares section is set up.
As we perused the aisles, we noticed that many items were in different spots and that there were several new items. Unfortunately, there isn’t any wine or beer like the Virginia store, but still, the renovation doesn’t disappoint.







Here are just a few photos of the awesome new store. Since they’re still in the soft opening phase, expect some glitches and minor inconsistencies.


There were 4 lanes for cashiers, but only 2 were open. The lines are just part of the whole Aldi experience.


As we shared in May:

Earlier this year, Aldi announced their plans to remodel stores as part of a $1.6 billion investment in its stores. This plan also includes expanding with more than 1,300 U.S. Stores by 2020.

Aldi’s presence, inexpensive groceries and convenience were definitely missed! I’m looking forward to adding Aldi back into my grocery shopping rotation.

Have you been to the new store yet? What are your thoughts?