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About WDIT

Always on the hunt for the next big thing, we’re so excited to join forces to bring you What’s Down in Town. We’re two creative professionals who have weaved in and out of corporate America and freelance gigs, simultaneously bolstering our portfolios and raising our brood.

I started out as an art director in big pharma advertising, creating websites when the internet was new (just 256 colors!) and learning and growing as our digital world exploded with new ways to connect. Hopping around the country with my family for my husband’s job, I transitioned to freelance work in 2009, and now work with small/mid size companies, building brands for the mom and pop stores that fuel our communities.

Vicki Harrison
brand development + web/graphic design

Having spent many years in a traditional print media setting, I transitioned to the digital space in 2007. And by transition, I mean, I jumped head-first into the blogosphere and social media and created my own site, The Next Kid Thing. As digital media grew into its own, I spent nearly eight years carving my own niche and leveraging social media to align with national brands and to share my voice in the parenting blogosphere.

Jen Rabulan-Bertram
writing + social media consulting

Though we grew up and started our families elsewhere, our roots are firmly planted in this town we now call home. Like many other residents, we’ve often relied on social media outlets and word-of-mouth to absorb the happenings around town, within our schools and beyond.

We started What’s Down in Town as an informational hub for our community. In addition to news items, we plan to share human interest pieces, reviews, features, events, and really, anything that might be of interest to our vibrant community.

Denville has garnered several accolades in recent months; with this site, we’re hoping to highlight the best of what’s going down in our town. So, join us on this fun new journey, and help us capture everything that makes this town so unique.

Be sure to reach out to us if you have something to share or contribute!


Vicki and Jen